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Offering a complete consultancy and support service through each stage of the process...

National and global businesses today face a range of challenges, for example how to deliver consistent communications services across the organisation? How to select and deploy the most effective solution? Or, how to focus on the core business operations while introducing a new service? Our vast experience means that our clients can rely on us to address such issues, while they focus on their day-to-day business activities. Technology Distribution Ltd provides a complete consultancy service and support to its customers through each stage of the process, from identifying problems, analysis, planning and design to implementation and on-going support.

We are proud of our service-oriented approach, providing not only an effective product, but also a fully managed service to our clients. We help our clients to: monitor their telephony spending across the organisation; recommend ways in which to reduce costs; ensure that appropriate changes are implemented fully to optimise their investment; and manage all the telecom products provided by us, because we know that effective application and convergence capabilities can significantly transform your business.